Dr. Diana S. Perdue, Founder & Chief Education Officer

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Dr. Perdue is on a mission to improve education by helping teachers regain instructional time through the effective use of technology.  As "tech therapist" and instructional mentor, she has helped teachers to improve their professional practice, engage their students inside and outside of class, and experience edtech success.

As Fulbright Scholar to Rwanda, Dr. Perdue served as the Director of E-Learning for the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.  During that project, she trained faculty in using an open-source learning management system to extend the educational reach of the university into the surrounding villages.  She also provided curriculum design services to the administration and faculty of the Kigali Institute of Education in order to create more inquiry-based and student-centered instruction for pre-service teachers.  After returning to the United States, Dr. Perdue began Rimwe as a way to provide these educational resources to all educators.

Before creating Rimwe Educational Resources, Dr. Perdue prepared generations of teachers by giving them a deep understanding of mathematics in their university courses.  She taught professional development courses and workshops for in-service teachers as well, helping them to incorporate hands-on activities, manipulatives, and educational technology in order to improve their teaching methodology and increase educational results. Her previous experience working as a technical trainer for several businesses and corporations has given Dr. Perdue the insight to help teachers prepare their students for careers, especially those in STEM fields.  

A lifelong learner, Dr. Perdue holds a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics, and a Doctorate (PhD) in mathematics education.  She is also a certified online instructor, a proficient programmer, TESOL-certified, and an avid whitewater kayaker.  Dr. Perdue has presented at many education and technology conferences, often on the theme of improving education and increasing engagement via technology.  She is the author of Best Practices in Hybrid Mathematics Courses along with dozens of articles on mathematics, technology, and teaching. 

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