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A Math Class that Requires a Party Playlist on your iPod? Yes, please!

Check out my guest blog post on White Group Mathematics.

Here's a screen shot of one of the Party Playlist's I've used in classes gone by:

Party Playlist

Here's the picture of my students in Rwanda as the discuss the data they've collected from "partying around the room" -- note the students outside the classroom windows eagerly watching the fun!

What's a Student to Do? (with a bad math teacher)

Guest Blog by Fredrick Koh

Today's blog addresses a problem we wish didn't exist: the bad math teacher.  Unfortunately, these people do exist and, to be honest, they make it harder on everyone, especially their students.  Mr. Koh offers advice for these students to take lemons and make lemonade (or at least not make that "sour face").  …

Math, Mountains, & Leg Lamps

Mount Everest + Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story = Math Fun!

One of the things I love most about educational technology and social media is when something comes across my feed that yields a really rich mathematical task.  Amazon's status update one day gave me just that and I shared it, along with my mathematical addition.  …

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