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Adding Edtech "Touches"

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In my last blog, I mentioned my volunteer work with local schools where we provide mentor tutors to children in our Friends in Schools Helping (FISH) program.  As Orientation Training Director, I am part of the volunteer administrative team, and one of the things we strive to do is have several "touches" with our volunteers each month.  …

In Volunteering - There are no small FISH!

Friends in Schools Helping (FISH) team coffee klatch.

Today's blog is a re-post of one I wrote for my local United Way to celebrate National Mentoring Month.  I am including it because, as those of us who work in schools know, volunteers are SO important, valued, and necessary in our work to ensure every student is successful.

Creating a Work of M-Art?

Dr. Perdue’s work of M-Art.

In my last blog, I wrote about mathematics activities that are connected to literature.  

In this blog, I talk about mathematics activities that are connected to art. 

Specifically, I want to share an activity that a colleague and dear friend of mine, 

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